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Coffee on the go – McCafe

August 12, 2009

Next up for review, McDonald’s new McCafe!

I’m sorry to say that a latte from McDonald’s just doesn’t do it for me. So far the best drink I’ve had was a hot mocha, and that was wanting. My personal favorite, a caramel latte, didn’t stand a chance.

My theory? It’s in the preparation. Though I have never personally prepared a shot of espresso, I understand it to be an art. The best espresso requires a delicate balance of coffee grounds that are neither too tightly packed nor too loosely packed. The grounds are then blasted with high pressure water at just the right temperature.

How does McD’s do it? The best I can tell from this side of the counter is that the server pushes a button, and maybe mixes in some flavors. Though I appreciate the availability of food on the go, I’d rather get plain coffee when I find myself under the golden arches.

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