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Coffee Blog Contest Winner 2/7/10

February 7, 2010

Here is the winning entry from our first blog contest! The writer is Daniel Bacon, and you can find out more about Dan on his blog (where he also posted this entry)

The Model Beverage

To understand the touch that coffee has had on civilization let me put in writing the résumé for the beverage that dominates the world’s pallet.
          First refined in the quiet monasteries of Yemen in Arabia, coffee made her entrance into the world that she would someday have vital influence over, from Arabia, to Europe, to the America’s. Spreading slowly but surely, she would be a transgression to the cults, a crime to nations, and an iron fist in menacing insurgence, in music, the “inspiration” of Bach, in literature, the “restless energy” of Balzac, in philosophy, the “poison” of Voltaire.
          Frozen or boiling, Dripped by the English, pressed by the French, or simply covered by her rich cousin cacao theobroma [chocolate] ,coffee’s powerful taste and intense impact  on the 21st Century makes her the vice of vicars, and the stimulating swallow of the starving artist.

-Daniel Bacon February 6, 2010


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