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Kathy Lapine – Owner


KathyKathy, an entrepreneur at heart, lives in Springfield, VT with her husband and two adopted daughters (there are two biological children and a step-son who are off roaming the world).


Some years ago Kathy was living her dream: self employed as a certified massage therapist. Unfortunately, as her clientele began to grow (hey, she was good!) she began experiencing pain in her hands.  She transitioned into real estate appraisal, then opened a home based daycare. Once again she met resistance when the legalities of running a daycare out of the home while taking in foster children stunted the growth of the business.

Kathy and her husband, Jim, start, then jump-start their day with a cup of coffee. Her daughter, Shannon, is studying now with the hopes of working with Love146. As Kathy learned more about Love146 (probably with a coffee mug in hand) from her daughter, the lightning hit and Greeley Road Cafe was born.

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