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Write a Blog, Win Coffee!

February 3, 2010

Here’s the deal, we’re looking for a coffee related blog entry to post this weekend, and we’re willing to pay in fresh roasted beans. One pound, to be exact. Swing into the store to check out your options. Here are the rules:

1. Your blog entry should be roughly 100 – 500 words long.

2. Coffee must play a major role in your writing, but it’s up to you how. Be creative!

3. Keep the language clean please :-).

4. The deadline is Saturday, Feb 6 at 11:59pm Eastern time.

When you’re finished you can email your entry to with “GRC Coffee Contest” in the subject, or post it on your own blog and email us the link at the same place with the same subject.

We’ll determine the winner and contact that person for their choice of coffee and shipping info Sunday, then post for all to see!


Prevention of Human Trafficking

February 2, 2010

Did you know that Love146 fights the trafficking of children by prevention and aftercare? A huge part of prevention is raising awareness. I’ve spoken with state police who had no idea such problems even exist!

A couple months ago the Greeley Road Cafe crew met with Rob Morris, co-founder of Love146, for lunch and (of course) coffee. During the conversation Rob told us about a man who spends his days riding his motorcycle from village to village warning them about child traffickers and their methods. The result? People recognize the traffickers by their actions and sometimes even chase them out of town! All it takes is some knowledge.

We believe that everyone can be a part of prevention, simply by raising awareness. No, we don’t have to go buy a motorcycle and ride from town to town to do it. Our motorcycle happens to be an online store. What’s yours?

Greeley Road Cafe – Online Coffee Store Working to End Human Trafficking

January 30, 2010

We’ve been quiet on this end for quite a while now, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been idle. The past several months have been spent developing the online store,, which is now open. We’re running some sales for our first two weeks, then the following two weeks we’ll contribute a dollar from every item sold to Love146. Our goal is to get into the business of trafficking coffee to help put an end to the business of trafficking humans.

Seattle’s Best

September 12, 2009

Alright, I finally stopped into the local Border’s with my wife a couple weeks ago, and there, tucked away nicely in the corner, was a Seattle’s Best cafe. I’ve heard good things about them, but it’s generally not a good sign when a company has to claim virtue in their name. What do you think of when you see a sign for Honest Pete’s used cars?

I approached the coffee bar, hopeful from the reputation that precedes the place, but wary still. I ordered a medi… ahem… grande (still having trouble with those italian sizes) caramel latte and waited, hoping not to be disappointed. I wasn’t. It was one of the best lattes I’ve ever had. Now if only they didn’t cost so much…

Slavery and trafficking of CHILDREN

August 15, 2009

Child sex slavery is a major problem on our planet right now. The estimates on put the total at 27 MILLION (that’s 27,000,000) people currently enslaved. Approximately 2 children are sold every minute, with an estimated 12 MILLION every year.

Seriously, something needs to be done.

Love146 has made it their mission to end child sex slavery. End it. If that’s not enough, they have programs in place to help restore the survivors. According to their website, more children could be freed if more resources were available. These efforts need support.

It doesn’t always take money. Visit and find out how to get involved.

Store Update – August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009

Greeley Road Cafe has some exciting news! We would like to welcome Lake Champlain Chocolates to our family!

Lake Champlain Chocolates, out of Burlington, VT, began as a challenge from a restaurant owner, Jim Lampman, to his pastry chef. The rest you could say, is history.

The company specializes in the highest quality chocolates that make great gifts (or personal indulgences :-)) that are handmade in small batches for excellence sake. Not going to be in VT any time soon? No worries, Lake Champlain Chocolates are available in over 1200 locations nationwide, and soon through Greeley Road Cafe!

—> In other news:

The quest for a roaster continues! At least two more roasters are shipping samples this week. Drinking coffee samples is hard work, but somebody’s gotta do it, right?

Also, we plan to announce an opening date for the store soon, so check back frequently. Remember, a portion of the profits will be used to support Love146.

Coffee on the go – McCafe

August 12, 2009

Next up for review, McDonald’s new McCafe!

I’m sorry to say that a latte from McDonald’s just doesn’t do it for me. So far the best drink I’ve had was a hot mocha, and that was wanting. My personal favorite, a caramel latte, didn’t stand a chance.

My theory? It’s in the preparation. Though I have never personally prepared a shot of espresso, I understand it to be an art. The best espresso requires a delicate balance of coffee grounds that are neither too tightly packed nor too loosely packed. The grounds are then blasted with high pressure water at just the right temperature.

How does McD’s do it? The best I can tell from this side of the counter is that the server pushes a button, and maybe mixes in some flavors. Though I appreciate the availability of food on the go, I’d rather get plain coffee when I find myself under the golden arches.